Michael and Jenna’s Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage

Michael and Jenna’s Christian Domestic Discipline Marriage

I am looking for a dating service that deals in Christian Domestic Discipline where Charistian singles can find dates. Does anyone know of a dating service where others poeple are looking for the same thing? Instead of looking for dating sites why not try to ask girls which is in your place who also look the same thing as yours. Approach them and ask for a date. I am not quite sure what you mean by ‘Christian Domestic Discipline’ but I’ve heard of www. One of the reasons so many women are turning their backs on Christianity and the high numbers of divorce is because of the belief that many men have that they have the right to rule over their wives and women in general. The Bible was written at a time when women were their fathers and then husbands property, both morally and legally. This has no place in society today for the vast majority of educated, liberated women. Unfortunately it takes a lot longer to change peoples attitudes and prejudices than it does to change laws. Good question, I know what you mean, try asking the people closest to you what they think.

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Below you will find a few links or videos to work by other people refuting such a disgusting viewpoint. Before I get to those resources, though, I wanted to point out how utterly hypocritical these conservative secular and conservative Christian groups are, who proclaim they respect women, and marriage, and The Nuclear Family. If you are new to my blog: I have been a conservative my entire life. I was a Republican until a few years ago. I am no longer in any political party. I sometimes critique secular, left wing feminists on my blog such as but not limited to Link : this post and Link : this one , but there are times when I believe other conservatives get feminists wrong, and feminists are actually correct on some issues.

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Last week, in a leafy part of South London, a vicar was charged with two counts of indecent assault , five counts of sexual assault, and six counts of child cruelty. The reason for Reverend Howard Curtis’s attacks? It’s impossible to know just how many CDD adherents there are worldwide, but online it’s a pretty big deal. Read around the topic yourself if you like, but to save you some time: both men and women in these relationships believe that the man is head of house “HoH” and refer to the wife as Taken in Hand “TiH”.

He will use spanking with hairbrushes, belts, hands or anything he can lay his hands on to “discipline” her if she’s “out of line. You don’t even have to do anything terrible i. The guy will dole out handy “maintenance spanking” at random, just to remind you how much he loves you and that he’s the boss. To clarify—the woman must give her consent for this to happen, but consent cannot be un-given.

Order of Marriage and Christian Domestic Discipline Volume II

Domestic discipline is also not solely practiced where the husband or male in the relationship is the submissive partner. It is not a place to argue that Domestic Discipline is bad or that Christianity is false there are roughly eleventy gazillion subreddits where those conversations would be welcome but not this one. This is actually several questions which I will tackle individually. Crabgrass is not dying.

Domestic discipline (DD) is a relationship approach that advocates wifely and Abell () found that women in conservative Christian households may.

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Are Fundamentalist Christians Getting Away with ‘Pious’ Domestic Abuse?

When a follower of the Christian Domestic Discipline movement decides what to hit his God-fearing wife with, research is important. A hairbrush, for example, is “excellent for achieving the desired sting” but can break easily. Alternatively, a ping pong paddle is quiet and sturdy but may not sting as much as is required to get the message across. These bits of information are among the tips and tricks detailed in the Beginning Domestic Discipline’s “Beginner’s Packet,” a page document that lays out the basic principles and practices of CDD.

Link: Christian domestic discipline dating site. It’s so hard to find men in the open dating market. But I’d love to hear Roseville Michigan 39 Man Seeking Women.

Kayla and ben were both from a strict conservitive Christian family. Both sets of families were involved in ministry or active in the church in a lay compacity. They were active. Kayla and ben knew eachother sense they were both little. They hung out when they were young. Sonetimes willingly, sometimes not.

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Quick links. Domestic Discipline Forum Let’s learn about the lifestyle together! Skip to content. Domestic Discipline Forum Index. Christian man in Phoenix, AZ Please take your time and introduce yourself to us – why Domestic Discipline, are you married, how your relationship progressed

A woman in the Christian Domestic Discipline lifestyle should obey These women are most in need of Christian Domestic Discipline. His finance is 16 so she is done with schooling, they have been dating about a year.

C is for Busy with work and that. But I have decided that talking about messed up stuff is way more fun, so here I am folks; back with another excellent religious topic: Christian Domestic Discipline. In a nutshell, it’s a way of life that promotes wife beating in the Christian community The Christian Domestic Discipline Yahoo! Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

Women only duh! The group’s description goes on to say: “We offer a LOVING approach to all who wish to learn and grow in a traditional Male, head of household, female submissive, Christian Domestic Discipline relationship. We are NOT a dating service, a list for personal ads, bratting, erotic stories, or alternate lifestyles.

Do you of any Christian Domestic Discipline dating sites?

I think this will help some folks It is okay that we don’t agree on everything, in the same way that the bigger Dd community doesn’t agree on everything. Hi Susie, Very true : That’s one of the beauties of any DD variation, it is tailored to the individual or couple. I agree with Susie, It’s ok that we don’t all do things exactly the same way, or have the same belief behind it.

already sold on the idea of domestic discipline. Ross, welcome! I hope your quest will be successful soon. Are you online dating or dating in.

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