DE3040596A1 – Gas lighter – Google Patents

DE3040596A1 – Gas lighter – Google Patents

This invention relates to cigarette lighters which burn hydrocarbon gas. The gas most commonly used is either butane or propane and to enable a supply of gas to be held in a reservoir which is sufilciently small to be practicable, the gas must be liquefied. At ordinary atmospheric temperatures, the pressure of the liquefied gas is very substantial and, therefore, the gas must pass through a pressure-reducing valve on its passage from the gas reservoir to the burner where it is ignited. In some gas-burning cigarette lighters, the pressurereducing valve is manually adjustable so that the output pressure of the gas at the burner can be varied to vary the height of the flame. To enable the adjustment to be reasonably sensitive these valves are rather complicated in construction and even then the output pressure may be varied over an excessively wide range. If the valve is fully opened and the cigarette lighter is operated, the resulting flame may be dangerously large,.

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Publication number Priority date Publication date Assignee Title. DEB * Colibri Lighters An arrangement for filling a gas lighter.

Now established for over 83 years, Colibri is traditionally known as a lighter manufacturer. Since its inception, Colibri has developed its existing line of products, which have come to include: lighters, jewellery, smoking accessories, small leather goods and writing instruments. Vintage cigarette lighters are among the most popular collectibles today, both for their aesthetic value and brand associations.

There are two different form factors available: table top and pocket lighters. First invented in and then improved in the s, pocket cigarette lighters became as common as keys or wallets by the s. The three basic types of vintage lighters include manual flint and wheel spark ignites a wick or creates a flame above a gas valve , semi-automatic wheel also opens the fuel source cover , and automatic requires only a button push.

The first lighters were called strike lighters and were similar to matches. Users would scratch a flint with a wand with a hard metal tip and a wick at the end. It would create sparks, which would ignite the wick, which was soaked with fluid. By the s, lighters had become functional as well as artistic with the advent of the semiautomatic lighter, where the user flips open the lid and a flint wheel simultaneously spins and ignites the wick.

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Want to see some Frequently Asked Questions about lighter repair? For expensive lighters, you may also wish to obtain a proof of delivery if necessary. For Warranty Repairs: Please be sure to enclose a copy of your sales receipt, invoice, or other proof of purchase if your lighter is still within the warranty period.

It is also the fuel used to power Bernzomatic utility lighters. ·Methods and Date issued: /10/06 UN Butane SDS – August Page 2 of 8 3. 1,4-​Butanediol Use spark-proof Colibri Butane MSDS Information. Butane (CAS.

Meant for easy use at home or on the go, both lighters take refillable butane and have fuel level windows so you can keep track of your go juice. On the Aspire, a protective flip cap guards a single-jet flame, altitude tested up to 7, feet. Sweetening the pot, the attached stainless steel punch cuts the perfect mouthpiece.

Colibri added even more firepower to the Monza, which boasts a triple-jet flame for sparking even the most stubborn stogies. The single-action ignition is triggered at the bottom of the build, a welcome shift from the flameside standard. On this drop, you can choose one lighter at checkout.

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The Eclipse is a windproof cigar lighter from Colibri. Handy design. With Fuel Indication. – 1-jet jet – windproof – level indicator. Reviews.

Most collectors of antique cigarette lighters know that it is very hard to find lighters from the early part of the s. Generally, cigarette lighter collections consist of lighters from the s and newer. Many of these lighters feature beautiful designs, unique shapes and interesting advertising logos. To collectors of cigarette lighters and other forms of tobacciana, the word antique is often considered a subjective matter.

Many agree that to be an antique an item must be at least years old. However, there are also a great number of others that believe that to be an antique the item simply must belong to the past and be desired by collectors because of its age, rarity and uniqueness. The disagreement between the two schools of thought has continued in the field of antiques and collectibles for decades with each side has having a large school of followers.

Those that follow the years old rule are following the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of , a customs law put into place by the United States. Those that argue against the validity of the year rule stand firm on their beliefs. It is this disagreement on the definition of the term antique regarding a vast array of collectible items, including cigarette lighters, that accounts for so many lighters being termed antique when they are from the mid twentieth century.

In reality, throughout the world many antique dealers, auctioneers and collectors commonly refer to cigarette lighters as antique when many others would refer to them as vintage. The early lighters tended to be very large, produced a great amount of heat and were very dangerous due to the fuel and catalyst being used, which were:. The early s saw the next generation of cigarette lighters when Baron Carl Von Welsbach patented ferrocerium, which is commonly referred to as flint.

These lighters worked using flint as the catalyst and naptha, a petroleum mix, as the fuel.

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Many cigarette lighter companies have gone out of business, and some who are still around do not fix old models, encouraging customers to buy new ones instead. Luckily, there are a few independent repair shops that specialize in the task. Finding parts is the biggest obstacle. But since many of these shops have been in business for years, they usually have extensive lighter collections and can cannibalize the unfixable for parts.

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You can set your cookie preferences using the toggles below. You can update your preferences, withdraw your consent at any time, and see a detailed description of the types of cookies we and our partners use in our Cookie Policy. Less and less people are smoking nowadays, but somehow lighters continue to be as popular as before.

We’re not talking about the plastic ones obviously, but about antique lighters, some of which have become quite valuable and collectable over time. They might be worth something. We will tell you how to determine the value of your antique lighter. When it comes to lighters, luxury brands tend to be more expensive on the antique market, but certain models from smaller manufacturers can be interesting too. Zippo has always been popular and will continue to be long into the future. Ronson is also one of the brands that is highly sought-after by collectors, with their popular models the Varaflame and the Comet.

Also keep an eye out for lighters from other names like Dunhill, S. Dupont, Tiffany and Evans, since these are popular and valuable brands. The scarcity of the brand or model of your lighter will affect the value as well. The fewer available, the more valuable it will become.

Colibri Cigar Lighter Eclipse – Jetflame

He was therefore involved with lighters almost at their inception. Lowenthal JBELO , and in , Julius perceived the idea of a lighter which would avoid the thumbs direct contact with the flint wheel. In the post-war years, Colibri had its own Development Dept. In saw the first Colibri Gas Lighter. This was produced in France where the knowledge existed and combined French advances in butane gas tanks and precision mechanism of the Colibri Monopol.

Home COLIBRI JULIUS SOFT FLAME LIGHTERS Page 1 of 1. Filter by: All COLIBRI Date: Old to New. Colibri Julius Black and Blue Lighter $ CAD​.

By Eric Beeson — June 30th, In this article, Eric Beeson talks about collecting vintage cigarette lighters, including brands such as Zippo, Ronson, and Dunhill. Cigarette lighter collecting is a hobby that never gets boring. A flame we can carry in our pockets is something that we take for granted, but it was much harder to make fire in earlier times. The device created hydrogen gas in a tube from a reaction of sulfuric acid and zinc together, which would ignite after passing through a platinum sponge.

The Feuerzeug was a huge success, with an estimated 20, in use by But the Feuerzeug, in all its effectiveness, was not very safe, and would probably be illegal today. Lighter development advanced greatly during World War I, as soldiers found them much more useful than matches, which caused a large spark when lit, easily giving away the positions of soldiers in the dark. The basic shape of the modern cigarette lighter can be traced back to its ancestor, the match holder. By keeping them inside metal cases, they stopped the danger of pocket fires.

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